Saturday, January 29, 2011

Jan. 29 - Multitasker

Although he's a bit unstable, you have to give the boy credit for multitasking like a champ.  He prefers to teeter around with things in his mouth or hand, such as his sippy cup, plastic hammer, drumstick, guitar...Did those items just seem to get more dangerous for a new walker to carry around in their mouth as I listed them?  Today was the first day since summer turned to autumn that Griffin wore just a onesie around the house, and I had forgotten how adorable his bare little legs, feet, and toes are, albeit twice as big!  I also did not realize the poor little man would give himself rug-burn on his knees from all the crawling about with his skin bare.  Hm.  I had never really given that possibility a thought until today, as the weather changed and pants came on right around the time he really got cruising this past fall. 

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  1. Good Luck with your project. I think it's a great idea.