Monday, January 31, 2011

Jan. 31 - Cozy Corner

Today, Oliver challenged me to branch out on my subject matter a bit in this photo-a-day endeavor.  I agreed that most people must think that I spend 100% of my day-to-day life obsessing over Griffin.  Although I do spend an almost absurd amount of time being a mom, I do have a somewhat normal existence as an individual as well.  So, I've decided that not all 365 photos this year will be of Griffin.  After Oliver's challenge, I looked around the room, camera in hand, and flippantly took a shot of the table in the corner between the two couches thinking, "I'll never actually use this."  Well, the more I looked at the picture, the more I loved it.  This table is almost always cluttered with stuff, and the stuff on it today sort of contains a little snippet of my life.  Most prominently, there is a lamp I found while out thrifting last week with my dear friend, Rachel.  In the pile on the right, there is my new planner (I've been trying and trying to become a more structured, organized, efficient, and productive homemaker), my graduation application (I have two CLEP tests, one class on Romans, and numerous little hoops to jump through in order to graduate with Oliver this May), Griffin's baby book (which I keep intending to update and never do), and my Bible.  On the right are photos of Griffin and I as babies.  On the left is a box of wooden puzzle things, my Romans book, Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen (my current read), my (mostly unused) journal, our family organizational binder (in which I have attempted many times to create a system of staying on top of the finances, daily schedules, cleaning lists, grocery lists/meal plans, etc.).  In the center of the table is McDonald's $1.00 sweet tea (who can resist every now and then?!), several different colors of thread for sewing up some curtains for the living room, altering some clothing, and making a pillowcase, and some sticky picture hanging strips to hang plates on what will be my plate wall in our bedroom (I've been working on our bedroom for a couple months now).  What a little summary of the life of Katie outside of motherhood!


  1. love the lamp! cheers to your many hobbies :)

  2. the lamp is great!!! i am so glad you bought it! ah, the remnants of a great afternoon-- sweet tea and thrift store finds.