Friday, July 1, 2011

July 1 - First Masterpiece

This morning at the children's museum, Griffin painted for the first time!  I'm so glad he was placed at the station where several messy toddler had been because the paints and brushes were already mixed up.  I can't say Griffin had any regard for the correct paintbrushes remaining in their correct bucket either, and it worked out perfectly.  I would have felt pretty bad if my child messed up all the paint for the poor museum worker who was charged with the impossible task of assisting all these burgeoning young artists.  So, Griffin painted a very "earthy" portrait of .... a swamp monster?  We're not sure.  At the end, we had him "sign" his first masterpiece with his hand print, and said masterpiece now resides beneath the lemon magnet on our fridge.  I cannot say the experience ended very well, unfortunately.  Griffin loved painting so much that he threw an epic fit at the mere suggestion that it was time to wash our hands.  It was definitely not easy to maintain any type of order or discipline in a room filled with kids wielding wet paintbrushes, but it's even harder when tantrums come up, cameras are in hand, almost every surface of the place is covered in paint, and then hands/arms/aprons, etc. need to be washed.  The word "fiasco" comes to mind. 


  1. Such a cute kid and I'm so glad you're letting him make a mess. Does the museum not let you take the painting with you? I think you would really like Teacher Tom (if you don't already read his blog).

  2. thanks for the link to that cool blog! yes, the museum lets you take the painting with you. they have a little drying rack that you place the painting on until you pick it up when you're ready to leave the museum. of course, i had to immediately pick up some finger paints to be able to paint with him more often! he loves it, and has started saying "color" in griffinese "coh-woh" :)