Friday, August 19, 2011

Aug. 19 - Saluda Shoals

This morning, we went to Saluda Shoals Park for a nice, long walk along the river.  There was fog hovering over the water, and it was just beautiful.  There is a spot on the walk where Oliver and I used to climb down to the river, take our shoes off, and walk across this narrow part of the river to an island out in the middle.  Today, we took Griffin down to the water at that spot, and he promptly ran about 4 feet out into the river completely clothed!  We grabbed him right away, but he absolutely loved it in spite of the frigid temperature.  All he wanted to do was pick up rocks off the bottom and throw them in the water.  Unfortunately, I didn't bring a change of clothes.  So, poor boy had to go in just a diaper for the rest of our time at the park.  Good thing I did have an old swim diaper with us, even though it was a size too small, because Griffin was able to play in the splash park at the park after our walk!

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