Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Aug. 30 - All Grown Up

Well, our adorable little chicks have transformed into grown-up ladies!  No eggs yet, but we expect it will be another month or two before they start laying.  Now that our family is going through about 3 1/2 dozen eggs per week, we are eagerly anticipating these ladies paying for themselves!  Whenever I open the door, Piccadilly is the first to come running.  They are all quite curious, but Piccadilly, Camilla, Ophelia, and Attila the Hen are the most assertive of the bunch.  I'm thinking I should have heeded the warnings that certain breeds were more aggressive than others, because Piccadilly (New Hampshire Red), Camilla (Rhode Island Red) and Ophelia (Barred Rock) can be downright mean.  Doesn't Piccadilly just look mean in this shot?  You are sure to get your hands pecked at if you reach in and these girls are around.  Also, they are the most vocal; it's almost like you can tell they are complaining about something or other as you walk by.  Hah.  My sweetest ladies are breeds that are known to be more docile and friendly:  Cleopatra (Americauna), Attila the Hen (Americauna), and Bo Peep (Golden Comet).  They tend to be very meek and handleable (if that's even a word!?).  Our neighborhood has been inspired, and there are several other soon-to-be chicken families in the works already! 

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