Monday, August 22, 2011

Aug. 22 - Our New Routine

For the past several weeks, Griffin and I have had a lovely new routine for our mornings.  It all began when I realized that daily exercise really helped lessen my anxiety throughout the rest of the day.  Usually, my mornings are the toughest part of my day, anxiety-wise, and things really and truly stabilize during the course of my morning walk.  So, Griffin and I wake up, eat breakfast together, get dressed, and head out on our walk each and every day.  We walk through our neighborhood for 30 minutes to an hour and spend the rest of the morning playing in the park!  Other mamas began to notice me walking and in the park, and they began to join me.  Now, on most mornings anywhere from one to 5 other moms will join me to walk through the neighborhood and for playtime in the park!  Griffin and I have both made a whole group of new friends, and it has been fabulous.  For so long, I've struggled with loneliness, and I know, looking back, that my lack of consistent, regular connection with other moms has been one of the many contributing factors to the explosion of my anxiety issues this summer.  I thank God every single day for bringing these ladies into my life and for using them, the socialization, the exercise, the fresh air, and the playmates for Griffin to heal me, day-by-day.  He truly cares for us, and I'm humbled and grateful.

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