Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Aug. 31 - My View

This is my view....a lot.  I sit here and feed/eat with Griffin 3 times a day, 7 days a week.  Each item has a little story.  The bowl was found at a favorite thrift store in Michigan with my step-mom Cindy.  It's filled with fruit, which we eat a lot of around here.  Griffin alone goes through at least 2-3 pieces a day!  The blue glass dish belonged to my Great Grandma Wright, who passed away several years ago now.  When she lived on the horse farm, she always kept chocolate covered peanuts in this dish.  Of course, this was my favorite dish in the house :)  I still remember where it sat, never empty, in her home.  The salt shaker was another thrift store find at a favorite place here in Columbia.  Ah, thrifting.  It's so....therapeutic and exciting!  The metal bucket behind the salt shaker contains all our spoons.  Why do I keep our spoons out on the table and not in the drawer like a normal person?  My only answer is that my step-mom kept them that way growing up, and my Grandma Vy keeps hers that way as well.  I guess when I got married and had to figure out where I was going the keep the spoons, it just seemed...right.  It really is more convenient to have your spoons out, as they are the most used of utensils.  Think of all the scenarios in which it is better to have the spoons out, close at hand!  I suggest you try it for a week.  You will see how fabulous of an idea it really is, how handy it is to have all the spoons you own in the world close at hand.  You will be converted.  I know it.

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