Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sept. 1 - Supplements

These are the supplements I take every day (usually only one or two of the teas).  I feel like I should be over 50 to be taking so many vitamins...especially when I have to take several of them more than once a day!  I mean, what am I going to do when I travel?  I suppose I'll have to get me one of those nifty pill cases with the little compartments and days of the week written inside.  In all seriousness, however, they are helping with my hypoglycemia and anxiety/panic attacks.  I've taken it slow, adding one in per week.  I'm not currently pregnant, but this liquid prenatal vitamin is the only multivitamin I've ever been able to take without throwing up!  I highly recommend it to anyone who has a tough time stomaching regular multivitamins. 

[Note:  If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), insomnia, PMDD/PMS or are under a lot of stress, comment below to let me know if you want more info on how these vitamins and herbal teas can help.  I really, really do feel they've made a difference in my body, and I would love to share how they can help you too!]


  1. Um, you are my hero...I'm very interested in knowing how this works

  2. katie, that is so awesome that these are working for you! PTL!