Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sept. 24 - Race Car PJs

Forgive the horrible photo quality.  These were just taken with my point-and-shoot, and there is something wrong with the flash.  Anyway, I had to capture the moment tonight.  Griffin has been peeing or pooping (or both...) out of his diaper every single night for weeks now.  We've found the most absorbent diaper to be Target's Up & Up brand, but not even a size 6 can contain this heavy wetting boy's nighttime.  In an effort to save money lately, I've switched him back to cloth diapers during the day.  So, tonight, I tried a new contraption on him that involved 2 cotton prefold diapers, 1 Fuzzibunz insert, and 1 BumGenius insert all under an XL diaper cover.  And enormous that Griffin could barely walk in it!  Over all of that, I put on his new Gymboree race car pajamas, which I recently found at a thrift store.  Can you believe they are 5T?!  My boy is a monster-a cute, cuddly monster that I just absolutely adore.  I'm happy to say that this diaper contraption did, in fact, work.  Unfortunately, I have to use so many diapers that I don't know if it's feasible for me to do this every night without having to wash diapers wayyy too often.

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