Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sept. 13 - The Details

Still, to this day, when I see my dad, he takes his glasses off, holds my hand in his, and studies it.  I used to think this was weird...definitely sweet and heart-warming, but a bit weird.  Then, I became a parent, and I began to study the little details of my child.  The way his cheeks droop when he looks down, the way his big toenail grows and how his toes curl all funny when he squats, the way his big lip tucks up under his top lip when he closes his mouth (and that's a big when...boy lets his mouth hang open 99% of the time...hence the drool), the way his hair falls on his forehead, the way his head smells like his baby soap.  I study him every day, and am amazed at how he's grown, changed, morphing from a newborn to a baby, a baby to a toddler right in front of my eyes.  I know this is what my dad is doing, 27 years later, with me, his baby girl.  And I know, Lord willing, I'll be doing the same in 27 years...Looking to see how my baby boy has changed since I last saw him, looking to see how he hasn't changed since he was small.

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