Saturday, September 10, 2011

Sept. 10 - Asher's 3!

My friend, Kristin, was the first of us girls to have a baby, and it seems like it was just a few months ago that I cried as I saw pictures of him for the first time.  I simply cannot believe that he was born 3 years ago already.  They've recently moved back to Columbia, and we all got together for his birthday party this morning.  Owen and Sullivan turn 2 this month as well, which is a big reminder for me that my boy is also almost 2!  As I watched them eat their cupcakes today (some, like Asher, ate slowly and carefully...others, like Griffin, shoveled the entire cupcake down in 2.5 seconds), I reflected on how much life has changed for all of us parents in the past few years.  I hear people talk about how hard the transition is from one to two kids, from three to four kids, from single to married...but there is just absolutely nothing as crazy as transitioning from zero to one child.  I am convinced.  Ask me again after we have our second or third...I might be wrong, but I highly, highly doubt it.

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