Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sept. 8 - Park Time

Griffin knows that park time is after walk time, and he anticipates it eagerly.  In order to get a decent amount of walking in, I have to go up and down my street several times, thereby passing the park a good 6+ times.  My poor child...Each time we pass it, he points and asks, "Park?  Park?"  And I say, "Not yet, honey.  Just a little while longer."  Usually there will be at least one other little friend for him to play with.  Today, there was quite the tribe, and it's just so, so good for him.  He's needed this regular interaction with other kids for a long time, and I'm thrilled that he's finally getting it.  We're working on sharing, not throwing dirt/sand, taking turns, not hitting, and obeying mama in the midst of a bunch of other kids/people.  I've been hearing from the people in the nursery at church that he is getting much better with being left there during the service, and I think this socialization throughout the week is what's making the difference.  (He was perfectly fine with nursery until about 16 months or so when he started to notice us leaving and break down into a tizzy.  Since then, the nursery workers have had to hold him, read to him, and give him one-on-one attention the entire time, or else he would lose it.  I was baffled because he had never been that way and wasn't sure what was causing it.  Either he's outgrowing that phase or he is learning how to play with other children independent from Oliver and I.  Either way, we are glad!)

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