Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mar. 15 - EdVenture

This morning, we went to EdVenture Children's Museum here in town.  What a great place!  They have so, so many different exhibits like a three story boy that is like an enormous play place made to look like the inside of the body, a miniature Piggly Wiggly complete with shopping carts and check-out scanners and registers, a farm with cows to milk, eggs to collect, crops to harvest, and a John Deere tractor, and the list goes on and on and on.  Griffin is a bit young yet for a lot of the different activities and interactive exhibits, but he is just so happy to explore!  In the mini grocery store exhibit, Griffin picked out a bag of pears (which he mistook for actual pears and kept telling me he wanted to eat them....next time I think we'll do that first and not so, so close to lunch time haha), a box of instant mac & cheese (which I told him was not Mama-approved), and a dozen eggs.  An interesting mix, to be sure! 

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  1. Colin and I are DYING. SO CUTE! love that picture.