Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Mar. 16 - Story Time

Our nightly bed time routine with Griffin is basically dinner, bath, pjs, story time, and bed.  Normally, Oliver is working during this time of the day, but Wednesday, his only night off, is the night when he is able to be a part of Griffin's bed time routine.  Even while I am getting Griffin's pj's on, he is signing "book," anticipating story time.  Of course, we read to him at other times sporadically during the day, but he definitely knows that this is for sure going to happen every night just before bed.  He's even gotten to the point where he knows that Going to Sleep on the Farm and Goodnight Moon are the last two books we read before he goes to bed, and he's begun to throw a little bit of a fit every night when I get to those books.  On an unrelated note, I gave Griffin his second haircut tonight.  It appears to have turned out alright in spite of a complete fiasco trying to cut it.  He isn't what you would call "cooperative" when it comes to sitting still!

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