Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mar. 17 - Potty

Hahah!  I just have to laugh when I see this picture!  A few notes on this shot:  1)  The drool has been incessant for about 3 months, and it's reminding me of his 5th and 6th months quite a bit.  I mean, bibs are of no use, considering he would soak through the bib and into his shirt in minutes.  So, he just has a perpetual wet neck/chest.  Both mama and baby are ready for the remaining 3 molars to cut in already so we can be done with teeth until he's 3.  2)  Griffin got his 2nd haircut last night, and how handsome does he look?  It was a massive challenge, and it definitely took both Oliver and I to make it happen.  We want to let his hair grow longer, but he had so much shorter, new hair that had grown in later and some hair from when he was "brand new" that was super long.  So, we decided to even it all out and let it grow out all together.  3)  About every day or every other day, Griffin decides he wants to sit on the potty.  Usually, he will go.  Other times, he just likes the idea of sitting on the potty.  Either way, I'm happy!  I'm beginning to think that, if I can get up the energy and drive, I could probably potty train him right now.  I really think he's ready and willing, so I'm going to do a bit of research and get on the ball!  I'm sort of wondering...Do we need to get him a little potty of his own for a while?  Or do these seats work alright?

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