Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mar. 22 - Big Green

Spring cleaning has officially begun on this, the third day of spring, but it's been going on in small increments for the past month or two.  I've been slowly going through cupboards, shelves, closets, etc., and have already dropped off almost an entire van-load of stuff to Goodwill!  Deep cleaning and organizing is cathartic to me, and I wish I had an entire weekend to myself to spend on it.  But, alas, such is NOT the life of a toddler mama.  Today, the day (FINALLY) came to shampoo the carpet in the living room and hallway.  Man, did it desperately need it (after a bajillion spills, baby "stuff," toddler juice drips, and pet messes)!!  I rented a Bissell Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine from Lowe's yesterday afternoon to clean a recent thrift store chair find, and the carpets had needed a good cleaning for so long that I couldn't return the machine until I had tackled them as well.  I am absolutely impressed with how well that Bissell cleaned the carpet...I really cannot believe how good they look!  We had rented a Rug Doctor back just before Griffin was born, and I was less than enthusiastic about the results...You really couldn't even tell the carpets had been shampooed!  But this time, the carpet looks fresh, bright, fluffy, CLEAN, and I challenge you to find a stain!  Griffin was terrified of the machine at first; but by the time I finished the living room and moved on to the hallway, he was helping me push it, playing with the different pieces of it, and walking along with it, back and forth, back and forth.  He love love loves the vacuum, but I think he's found an even greater love in the carpet steamer.  I think I have too :)

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