Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 17 - Graduation Smooch

Transition is a funny thing (and not in the humorous sense of the word).  Now that Oliver and I have graduated, we find ourselves left in a vacuum of sorts, wondering what the future holds.  For now, we have absolutely no clue what is next, where to look to figure it out, or what to do in the meantime.  Just a few of the questions that plague us incessantly:  Where should we live?  Should we sell our trailer now?  Should we buy a house or rent?  What job will Oliver find?  Will he find a job anytime soon, or should we prepare ourselves for a long process?  Will Oliver have to go back to school to be able to get a job that will provide for our family long-term?  If so, where/when will that be?  What will Oliver's career be?  I think we have been pushing ourselves for so long to finish college, all the while looking forward and keeping the end-goal in mind all the time...being able to move on with our lives, Oliver being able to start his career, and us to be able to finally plant somewhere long-term and grow/raise our family.  Now that we have pushed and sacrificed and anticipated the end of this long journey, it's tough to get to the other side and sort of be in a stalemate...not moving backwards, but not moving forwards either.  We feel.......stuck. 

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