Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 31 - Fun in the Sun

I figure I'll just continue the trend of posting multiple pictures for every day of this vacation, but who can blame me when there are so, so many to choose from?!  Today, two things blossomed:  Griffin's interest in/love of the waves in the ocean and Griffin and Henry's relationship!  Before now, they've only interacted here and there for a few fleeting moments, but today...Well, they definitely "clicked" and began interacting frequently.  Adorable.  As for Griffin's love of the waves...He had absolutely no fear, and just would walk right on into the ocean up to his chest by himself if we let him!  He had a blast jumping around in the surf and "murfing" (air mattress surfing-a sport Oliver and I invented when we lived in Jacksonville, FL) for the first time. 

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