Friday, May 6, 2011

May 6 - Vocab

This is what Griffin has been doing lately when I pull out the camera.  Hah.  For the past few months, Griffin has been going through a physical growth spurt.  In the past week or so, it seems that he has started into another cognitive growth, growing more communicative and enlarging his vocabulary daily.  Lately, he's started regularly saying, "uh-oh," "book," "boat," and "mama."  Up until this point, he's basically just been babbling (he babbles alllllll the time), but he's never consistently spoken words until now.  He's been a little slow to actually speak, but he's signing like crazy, with a really amazing signing vocabulary, and is even stringing signs together to create makeshift sentences.  He's signed the phrases "hug Papa," "more orange please," and "Papa help."  Currently, his favorite signs are "help," "juice," "please," and "truck."

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