Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2 - Sillies

We took these silly shots while looking into the mirror in our kitchen.  You know, today was a pretty terrible day, complete with non-stop crying, tempers pushed to their limits, hitting, throwing, and a lovely near 2 hour long battle of wills; but it's nice to sit back at the end of this aforementioned long, hard day and think about how blessed we really are and how it's all worth it.  As we approach the end of a tough semester, an even tougher year, and an extra-quadruple tough season of college, we are faced with a blank canvas of sorts.  We're not even close to sure what our next step is, where we go or do from here, and the options are vast and varied.  But we have each other, and we have the Lord.  We have wonderful friends, wonderful family, and those things won't change when and where we move forward.  It's been difficult to be so....unsure, but I suppose we all need to learn how to live in the moment rather than agonizing over what is to come...even though "what is to come" is mere days away for us.  May the Lord give us the strength to keep our eyes fixed on Him and those He has given us to love and serve today, then tomorrow, then the next day, etc. 

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  1. hard place to be in, can't wait to see what God has for ya'll!