Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23 - A Day in the Life

Until the chickens grow up and can stay out in the coop, they live in a brooder we set up.  We're borrowing a 40 gallon aquarium that we covered with chicken wire and a heat lamp to keep them at the right temperature (right now, 90 degrees) from Howard and Reilynn, who just raised a flock of chickens themselves.  So, our little flock basically eats non-stop, drinks, and sleeps.  That's about it.  I guess that's pretty predictable, seeing as how that's what most newborn living things do the first weeks of life.  I'm pretty sure that's life at every age for a chicken.  We've found that if one of them gets a hold of a bug, they run around the cage to keep away from the other 5 that are all trying to get the bug from them.  It's pretty entertaining.

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