Saturday, May 21, 2011

May 21 - Chicks

Bo Peep




Attila the Hen

Yeah, yeah...I know there is only supposed to be one photo for each day, but I simply could not resist.  When you get 6 babies in one day, it's only fair to post 6 pictures!  Oliver, Griffin and I went down to George's Feed and Seed and picked up 6 adorable little ladies that will eventually save us some money on eggs.  6 chickens should produce over two dozen eggs per week, which is perfect for our family.  Oliver plans to build a portable chicken coop (chicken tractor) to put them in 5 weeks or so down the road.  Getting our own flock of chickens is just one small step in the direction of the farm life we desire for our family, and it feels great to move forward, if even in a teeny-tiny way.  We love our girls, and we're so excited to watch them grow.

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