Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13 - Guess Who's Visiting

Our sweet Eleanor Rigby is staying with us for the week, and we could not be more excited to have her (especially Griffin)!  Is she not the most sickeningly adorable dog in the universe?  Look at those seal pup eyes and little, circular, tan eyebrows....Who can resist? 


  1. she isn't :( we adopted rigby almost exactly 1 month before i conceived griffin. one of my major pregnancy symptoms was an extremely sensitive sense of smell, and there were two smells that i absolutely could not tolerate: popcorn and dog. also, dealing with a puppy and being pregnant for the first time did not mix well for me. when i was about 8 months pregnant, we asked if oliver's parents wouldn't mind taking rigby while i finished being pregnant and while we were learning how to be parents when griffin was a newborn. they gladly accepted (they actually were looking to adopt a dog in the near future and loved rigby). after griffin was born and we saw how demanding parenting a new baby would be (and how little we would be able to walk rigby or pay any attention to her whatsoever with oliver working and being a student as well), we asked if oliver's parents would be interested in adopting rigby permanently. they were, and that's what happened! we miss her so much, and it really would work for us to have her now...but during that time period, we knew it wouldn't be fair of us to keep her. it wasn't as tough of a decision then as it is now that we're through that part (becoming a parent for the first time) and miss her so much.

  2. well that's still really cool that you can see her from time to time because she's adorable!