Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6 - Potty Training Day 1

It's so strange to think this day has arrived already.  It seems as though Griffin was born a few weeks ago, in so many ways, and here we are; we've survived our first day of potty training, and so did [most] of the furniture/carpet.  For quite some time now, Griffin has been telling me he needs to go potty about once a day or so, usually at night right before bed.  After thinking on it and talking it over with some ladies at church, I decided it was time to give potty training a go.  My method today has been to keep him in just a shirt and "big boy undies," other than for nap and bed times.  I take him to use the potty every 15 minutes and encourage/reward him for dry underpants, sitting on the potty, and going potty with raisins as a special "treat."  Hah.  I wish I could think of raisins as a special treat!  Anyway, the idea is to switch to undies and never go back to awake-time diaper-wearing.  I've read and heard that it can take anywhere from 3 days to a week for it to "sink in," but most kids around Griffin's age are trained in 3 days.  We'll see.  The first part of the day went super well, with only one small accident and several successful trips to the potty.  The second part of the day, well, it didn't go as well.  Griffin has never had very obvious clues that he's about to go #1, so it's been difficult to know when he's needing to go.  Although I took him to the potty every 15 minutes (and he did go to the bathroom several times, including two #2 successes), he peed 5 different times in his undies.  I wonder if he even notices or cares that he feels the wetness.  Also, he's not communicating to me that he needs to go potty.  I'm assuming that is because he can anticipate that he needs to go #2 but cannot yet anticipate that he needs to go #1.  I've heard this can be true of boys, and they tend to be a bit harder to potty train because of it.  I'm doubting my sources a bit and wondering if he's too young to understand all of this.  It's difficult to tell if he's hearing and/or understanding what I'm explaining to him and what he's expected to do.  One great benefit of potty training (which is, otherwise, pretty draining [pun intended!!]) = my little munchkin in his big boy undies! 

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