Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 7 - Potty Training Day 2

I love this picture.  After a loonnnnnngggg day of attempting potty training, Oliver and I put Griffin in a diaper, put him to bed, and went out on a much-needed date.  We've had so much to discuss, process, and decide lately, and it was nice to have a special time out together to do that.  About potty training...  Things seemed to go okay yesterday, but everything took a turn for the worst today.  Accidents=too many (7+), potty successes=ZERO!, 3 carpet stains, 2 changes of clothes for Oliver, and 1 diaper at the end of the night when we just couldn't take anymore.  That was our day.  Griffin would cry and try to run away every time the timer went off (every 15 minutes) and I said it was time to go potty, even though I tried to keep potty time positive, relaxed, fun, and rewarding, with lots of books to read and raisins for treats.  What we discovered today is that he refused to go at all on the potty and would pee on the floor a few minutes after we took him off the potty.  Also, we noticed that he really has no clue when he is peeing.  On our date, we stopped by Barnes and Noble and checked out different books on potty training (ah, the super exciting dates of parents hahah).  Basically, experts say that children should go 1-2 hours between pees and have dry diapers after naps occasionally before they potty train.  Griffin is clearly nowhere near this, as we discovered that he urinates about every 15 minutes, conveniently in between potty times.  Also, I think that the focus on the potty situation changed Griffin from going frequently on the potty to not going on the potty at all.  So, I think we're throwing in the towel for now, depressurizing the situation, and giving Griffin a bit more time before launching back into full-on potty training. 

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