Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 15 - Practice

My friend, Kristin, and her son, Asher, met up with Griffin and I at the zoo today.  Kristin and I walked a few loops around the zoo (me for my anxiety and her to walk little Emerson Jude out-she's 40 weeks pregnant).  The boys sat patiently in their strollers while we walked and talked, and they were thrilled when we finally "released them" to play in the barn.  This cow just so happens to be in Griffin's top 3 favorite zoo "sights."  I know...It makes no sense, but he loves it!  You can actually sit on the milking stool and practice milking a cow (with water, thankfully).  Oliver and I always dream about having a small hobby farm one day with a milk cow.  I suppose Griffin is just practicing for his future chore around the farm!  :) 

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