Saturday, June 25, 2011

June 25 - Repairs  That's what the chicken coop has turned out to be.  This afternoon was spent repairing the structure since the wood has bowed and expanded in many places.  The doors have swelled probably a quarter to a half an inch, making it impossible to close or open them, one board split down the middle leaving a 3/4" gap, and the roof bowed out so much on the ends that it pulled the screws out.  And these issues only scratch the surface of all the issues we've had.  It sort of makes me wonder how on earth anyone builds anything out of wood and has it turn out all right, with all the expanding, contracting, warping, and bowing wood does in different environments.  I'm realizing this may be the most boring post I've ever written..HAH.  But, in all reality, I've enjoyed having a constant project to work on with Oliver to help get my mind off this transition time we're in and the anxiety issues I've been having.  This picture was taken of Griffin as he was watching Oliver and I work on the coop.

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