Sunday, April 3, 2011

Apr. 3 - Green Grass and Blue Pools

What gorgeous weather!  We decided to play outside and visit the pool area for a bit, and we discovered that Griffin was very interested in the interested that he actually wanted to get in (and it is absolutely freezing cold).  So, we got him in his swim stuff.  We couldn't believe that he wanted to be in the icy water, and he had a blast.  After Fall and Winter, I can hardly remember how good it feels to sit in the sunshine and soak in the breeze, warmth, and sounds.  It was heavenly.  In the afternoon/evening, we all went downtown Charleston for some sightseeing and dinner at Tommy Condon's.  As we were unloading from the car, Cindy noticed that Griffin's pants were wet.  We quickly realized that he had had a major poop blowout.  As Oliver and I cleaned him up, we realized that we didn't have an extra pair of pants for him!  We wandered around Charleston looking for pants to fit him, but alas...there were none to be found (unless we wanted to pay $20 for Harley Davidson sweat pants).  So, poor kid ate dinner in a diaper....I'm sure not too much psychological damage was done.

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