Thursday, April 7, 2011

Apr. 7 - Bikes and Beaches

So, I'm officially 20 days behind on posting my daily photos, but I'm not admitting defeat!  I've kept up with taking the photos, and I will now begin the massive project of catching up on blogging.  Going back 20 odd days, Griffin and I were enjoying our last day on the Isle of Palms with Dad, Cindy and Jaxon with a long bike ride on the beach and around the Wild Dunes.  It was Griffin's first bike ride and second time playing on the beach.  Hopefully, we'll have plenty of more bike and beach play time ahead this summer, because he really enjoyed it, and so did we.  It was fabulous.  For dinner, we went to Jack's Cosmic Dogs, a retro diner that has the best hot dogs on planet earth, stuffed with blue cheese slaw and sweet potato mustard.  Yum.

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