Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Apr. 5 - Bad Movies and Brothers

Enthralled in the first of two terrible movies on the Sci-Fi channel.  It's sort of become a family tradition to seek out and watch the worst movies on TV, usually on the Lifetime Movie Network or the Sci-Fi Channel.

Brothers...  I love Jaxon's face in this one.  Classic.
Last night and this morning, it rained.  So, someone had the brilliant idea of turning on the Sci-Fi channel where we proceeded to watch two (yes, two) of the worst movies of all time.  Strangely enough, they were both about sharks.  We can't remember the name of the first one, but the second one was the cult classic Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus.  Absolute classic.  There is no movie that is as terribly made, with worse acting or worse special effects or worse dialogue or worse ideas than in that movie.  In the afternoon, it was time for Chas to get to the airport for his flight.  The boys dropped him off while Cindy, Griffin and I went downtown to do some shopping.  Another great day of vacation!

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