Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feb. 10 - Oranges

There has been substantial fuss in the Thompson household as of late over oranges.  I discovered a while back that they are a favorite of Griffin's, and I keep them in a bowl on the table.  Well, they just happen to be in Griffin's sight during mealtimes, and it is tough to keep him focused on eating anything else when he can see a bowl of them sitting right there.  I might have to hide them.  He learned how to sign "orange" today, in an attempt to teach him how to communicate his desires more effectively than whining.  Lately, he has begun to understand that in order to get something, he simply needs to tell us what he wants (through signing) and sign "please."  This is starting to sink in, I believe, and it's just in time; he's at the age now where whining and throwing fits is the natural method of getting what is wanted, and we're wanting to give him another, more preferable method of communication.  Oh, and super cute sidenote...Yesterday, Griffin walked up to Oliver, who was standing at the sink, and he pulled on Oliver's pants and signed "please!"  We realized he was asking politely to be picked up by his papa, and it was the most adorable thing ever!

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