Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feb. 20 - Zoo

I love our family time on Sunday afternoons.  This Sunday, we went to the zoo.  Each time we go, Griffin is more and more interested and more and more capable of walking around on his own.  The theme of today's trip was, "Don't touch me or try to keep my from falling, Mom.  I'm doing this on my own."  What an stubbornly independent little man!  He did great, minus several falls on concrete that made my heart leap into my throat but did not result in head bumps.  Whew!  The issues at this point with just letting him run, willy nilly, are 1.  that he could get going fast and have a bad, face-plant fall and 2.  that he's so focused on staying balanced and moving that he doesn't watch where he's going, so he's always running into groups of people and whatnot.  I mean, no one gets mad about it, and they usually think he is quite adorable, trying so hard to be a big boy.  So, it really does no harm.  Anyway, it is an exhausting blast taking him to a place where he can walk walk walk and see all kinds of amazing animals.  The fish were the big hit this time around, so he really could not get enough of the aquarium section.

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