Friday, February 4, 2011

Feb. 4 - Saucy

...but only in the spaghetti sense.  For the past couple weeks, Griffin has been determined to feed himself using a spoon or fork.  Mealtimes have been...long.  trying.  He doesn't want me to help him or feed him, but I sneak in bites here and there when he isn't paying attention or if I make a gigantic game out of it.  That being said, it is so fun to sit and watch him develop right in front of my eyes!  It's hard to believe that my floppy, helpless newborn has turned into a walking, self-feeding, self-entertaining toddler.  It's just mind blowing to me.  I'll try to post the other pictures of him trying to feed himself spaghetti with a fork on our family blog, because this is, after all, One Photo a Day :)

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