Monday, February 28, 2011

Feb. 28 - Potty

Griffin has made a habit of using his nightly bath for his nightly #2.  It has gotten so predictable, and I definitely know when it's about to happen.  Last night, I got the idea of putting his little potty seat on the toilet and sticking him on it when the time came.  Well, the time did come, as usual, and Griffin went to the bathroom on the toilet for the very first time!  I, of course, made a huge deal of this, and we celebrated by waving bye-bye and letting Griffin watch the miracle of flushing (which he is SUPER interested in and constantly trying to sneak into the bathroom to flush).  Tonight I was prepared again.  The time did not come, though, and I wound up setting him on the pot post-bath with no result.  I plan to make this routine so he can slowly get used to using the toilet.  We talked about the potty while he was sitting there, and he was signing "poo" and "potty."  How cute is this little guy atop his very own potty seat?

Shortly after putting him to bed tonight, the tornado warning siren went off at CIU.  I quickly checked the news, and, sure enough, it was time to evacuate the Village.  Problem was, Oliver had the car delivering pizzas out by where the tornado was spotted!  After making some calls, our dear friends, Colin and Rachel, were on their way to pick us up.  We went to the appointed evacuation "spot," the CIU Student Center, along with every man, woman, child, dog, cat, etc. in the entire neighborhood.  What a zoo!  We were there a little over an hour, and Oliver was on his way home when the warning and watch were both over.  Whew!  We are so grateful to the Lord for protecting us, along with all our neighbors.  These are the days when living in a trailer doesn't sound like such a great idea.

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