Thursday, February 24, 2011

Feb. 24 - Wagon Friends

This lovely afternoon, Griffin and I took a walk over to enjoy the sunny, 75º weather with my friend Anna and her son, Sullivan.  The boys took a wagon ride, shared books and balls and bubbles with one another, played in Sully's new ball pit, and went down the slide.  They aren't quite at the age yet where they will really engage with one another to actually "play," but they sure do study one another and try to interact here and there.  So cute.  I this picture, Sully is about to share the book with Griffin, and Griffin will "share" his bubbles with Sully (even if it was by shoving the bubbles bottle in Sully's face...We've found this is Griffin's primary method of "sharing"...shoving whatever it is into your face/mouth.  Haha).

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