Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Feb. 2 - 67º

While my beloved friends and family back in my homeland had to stay home from work and school today, due to the 20" or more of snow a blizzard dumped on them last night, we left the front door open and the fan on all day since it was 67º!  It was glorious.  Griffin and I spent some time on the porch, and I snapped some pictures while he played with the rocks we collected from the creek bed near our house last summer.  He also got some much needed sweeping done, along with a check of the cat food, which he tasted while I wasn't looking.  He wasn't a fan and spent the next several minutes examining the spat-out piece of cat food.  [I can't resist posting more photos somewhere, and if you would like to see photos of today's happenings, visit our family blog.]

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