Friday, February 18, 2011

Feb. 17 - Ball

Today was a rough day, and I didn't wind up taking any pictures.  So this picture is from the 18th [tomorrow].  It was 80º and sunny with a gentle breeze.  Days like this don't come around often for the seemingly either humid and sweltering or raining and frigid.  So, Griffin and I played around in the park.  He is getting so much more stable on his feet!  There were older boys playing basketball, and Griffin was just absolutely enamored with them.  In fact, he marched straight on over to them, and it seemed as though he was just going to insert himself into the game!  In the interest of his safety, I grabbed an flat, obviously unused soccer ball and let him play with that while he watched the boys.  He wasn't really content to just play on his own...He wanted to be a part of that game, but alas...he is only 1 year old.  A quick mention of the sopping wet shirt and foot long strain of drool in this picture is necessary.  Our poor little Fin cut 3 teeth last week and is cutting what appears to be at least 3 more teeth that are visible, although I'm suspecting an additional 2 more quickly approaching 1 year molars.  This, in short, means that he is basically getting 8 teeth at once.  At this point, no bib can sop up the amount of drool this boy can produce, no one shirt can last all day long, no parental clothing is safe from large pools of drool and snot, no object small enough to get an edge into his mouth is exempt from potentially becoming his next favorite chew toy.

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