Friday, February 25, 2011

Feb. 24 - Grandaddy-n-Gigi

What a lovely Friday.  The weather was absolute perfection, and Griffin's Grandaddy and Gigi came into town to visit.  We went to the zoo all together, and it was just a blast.  We had a couple of harrowing run-ins, but these just enhanced our zoo experience :)  Griffin had a bird jump on his shoulder and cling to him, in spite of him trying to push him off.  This was quite the traumatic event for the poor dear soul, and I think we might just need to avoid the bird feeding area for a little while.  Also, Bill took Griffin on his first carousel ride!  It went a bit faster than expected, and both were a bit unsure about the whole carousel experience.  I think we were all completely exhausted upon returning home, especially "Grandaddy," who wound up carrying Griffin around almost the entire time!  He is going to have sore arms tomorrow!  Griffin has developed quite an attachment to his Grandaddy, and it is so sweet to watch.  All day, Griffin was signing "grandpa," saying "nah-nah-nah" (which apparently means "grandaddy," and looking for/reaching for Bill!  When we got back home, Griffin was able to play with his new, red bouncy ball with his grandaddy and with Rigby the dog.  Wow.  Now there is Griffin's perfect trio right there!  He was in seventh heaven.  I'll be posting more pictures of our day at the zoo on our family blog later tonight, if you're interested.

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