Saturday, February 19, 2011

Feb. 19 - Bookworm

This lovely Saturday afternoon found us on Griffin's first trip to the library!  After the boring adults grabbed up a few much needed books on utterly dull topics like philosophy (for class), healthy crock pot cooking, biblical parenting, and household management/organization, the kiddo got to explore the truly amazing children's "section."  I have the word "section" in quotes here because, although that is the word we use to describe a portion of a library, it is most certainly not just a "section"; it's much more like an entire floor with its own little fantasy land.  There are (real) trees growing up out of the floor, outdoorsy tile flooring, little clusters of couches and benches filled with stuffed animals ranging to from itty bitty to twice the size of Griffin, craft tables, puzzle tables, a padded floor baby section, and (most obviously from this picture), a gigantic, full wall mural of Where the Wild Things Are.  It's hard to explain, but half the ceiling is open to the other 3 floors above and a wall to the outside that is completely glass.  So, the trees grow up through the ceiling and into the shared atrium of the upper 3 floors.  What a wonderland.  Griffin enjoyed pulling books off of shelves, the stuffed bird, and the gigantic stuffed snake.  We came home with exactly 38 books and 3 DVD's...Apparently we wanted to get enough books to never have to go back or something.  Hah.

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